AER - AER Witch Hazel Offers Cooling, Soothing Relief for Hemorrhoidal and Vaginal Discomfort

Fuller Shield® Perineal Binder

Designed for a tailored fit and strike-through protection, the light-weight Fuller Shield Perineal Binder comfortably and securely holds anal, perineal and sacral dressings in place without the use of tape or other adhesives. The open-front design and velcro® fasteners simplify dressing changes on bed-ridden patients and facilitate male urination.

The adjustable unisex binder fits sizes 24-48 and in addition to dressings is also suitable for holding urological and radiation therapy implants in place.

Description Item Number Carton Case
Fuller Shield Perineal Binder 14-7012-1 1 Binder 12 Cartons


Samples available to qualified healthcare professionals

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