Shear Points®

Skin Friction Protectors

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The ultra-thin and nearly invisible liquid-filled membranes of LiquiCell Shear Points provide a synthetic, external bursa that allows the body to glide or float with an object and aid in the reduction of shear and friction of the skin.

  • Self-adhesive Shear Points can be applied to the bridge of the nose, orbits of the eyes, ears, back of the heel, or any other body area at risk of skin breakdown due to the presence of shear and friction.
  • Shear Points are excellent for use with face masks, tubing, glasses (eye/safety), Podiatry (heel/toes), sports, braces, casts or any other article that contacts the skin.
  • The gentle, skin sensitive adhesive keeps LiquiCell Shear Points securely in place and allows for both easy application and removal.
  • Transparency allows for easy monitoring of skin condition without removal!

Latex-Fee and Mercury-Free

Size Item Number Box
Small 94201 100-Ct (10x10-packs)
Medium 94204 100-Ct (10x10-packs)

Shear Points® is a registered trademark of Birchwood Laboratories LLC

Material Safety Data Sheet

LiquiCell Shear Points Information Sheet

Samples available to qualified healthcare professionals

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