Scopettes® and Scopettes, Jr® Large-Tip Applicators

Uniform and highly absorbent with 5/8 inch Rayon heads and 3/16 inch cushioned tips, Scopettes have been the leader in large-tip swabs for over 40 years.

Scopettes® and Scopettes Jr® are designed for proctologic and vaginal procedures, but may be used for topical and oral applications as well. Birchwood applicators are available in 8 and 16-inch lengths, and are available sized* or non-sized in both sterile and non-sterile packaging. Sterile swabs are packaged in chevron-style peel pouches and non-sterile in both divided 100- count dispensing containers and bulk cartons containing 500 swabs. Scopettes® and Scopettes Jr® can be sterilized using autoclave or ethylene oxide methods.

* “Sizing” is a starch-like material that is commonly applied to the swab head during the manufacturing process to help promote uniformity, and reduce fuzzing. Sized swabs will normally look a little firmer and a little smaller than a non-sized swab. Both types absorb the same volume, but the non-sized swab absorbs at a slightly faster rate. 

*Scopettes® and Scopettes Jr®. are registered trademarks of Birchwood Laboratories LLC.

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Large-Tip Applicators

Scopettes Jr.® 8-inch Swabs


Large-Tip Applicators

Scopettes® 16-inch Swabs