B-Sure® Absorbent Pads – The Adhesive-Free solution to Light Accidental Bowel Leakage (ABL).

Birchwood Laboratories Medical Division

Eden Prairie, MN: B-Sure® Absorbent Pads provide a comfortable, adhesive-free solution to light accidental bowel leakage (ABL). The thin and highly absorbent pads have been helping to maintain active lifestyles for decades and offer millions of men and women the garment protection they need from occasional or ongoing ABL.

B-Sure® Absorbent Pads absorb 13 times their weight in water and provide those suffering from light ABL with a discreet alternative to bulky diaper-like undergarments. The soft pads fold for a comfortable fit conforming to body contours and protecting clothing from the staining associated with accidental bowel leakage, hemorrhoids, surgery, childbirth and other causes.

B-Sure® Absorbent Pads are convenient to carry and easily changed in the privacy of a restroom. They are made of 100% natural material.