Introducing – Consumer Version B-Sure Witch Hazel Pads 40’s

B-Sure Witch Hazel Pads

You are already familiar with our (Anal Episiotomy Relief) AER Witch Hazel Medicated Pads, a trusted brand for hospital and clinics for over 40 years.

Due to numerous requests for a Consumer Version, Birchwood Laboratories has decided to expand this already popular product to our B-Sure Line. The B-Sure line of products provides discreet and convenient solutions to very personal health concerns. Products are designed to preserve dignity, restore confidence and allow patients to maintain active and fulfilling lifestyles due to Accidental Bowel Leakage (ABL), also known as Fecal Incontinence. This addition will enhance our already existing of B-Sure line of Incontinence Products. B-Sure Traveler Witch Hazel Towelettes, B-Sure Fresh ‘n Go Towelettes, B-Sure Absorbent Pads and B-Sure Bottom Balm, welcome a new member to their family. B-Sure Witch Hazel Pads are available in tub containing 40 pads each. This Consumer Version is sure to be a hit!